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UGA CVM : Facts

Facts and Figures

About the College

  • The first class of 44 students graduated in 1950.
  • The College employs 186 faculty members and 420 staff members.
  • A list of our academic and administrative departments can be found in the footer at the bottom of this webpage.
  • Our total budget is approximately $85.95 million, with about one third of that total appropriated or sponsored by the state of Georgia.
  • The remainder comes from income from services, federal and other sponsors, the Southern Regional Education Board, gifts, and other subsidies.

About the Hospital

About our students

Current enrollment is:

  • 431 students in the DVM program
  • 88 PhD candidates
  • 11 DVM/PhD combined degree program students
  • 7 DVM/MPH combined degree students
  • 22 master's degree candidates
  • 3 master's in avian medicine students
  • 5 master's in avian health and medicine students
  • 1 master's in food animal health student
  • 43 residents
  • 17 clinical interns

For more information about students and admissions policies, click here to visit the website for the UGA CVM Office for Academic Affairs.

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