UGA College of Veterinary Medicine International Program

About the International Program

The mission of the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine International Program is to help students, faculty and administrators of the College make meaningful contributions to the understanding of international veterinary medicine and the inter-relatedness of animal health globally.

Specifically, the goals of the Program are to:

  • Develop and facilitate international veterinary learning experiences in the form of externships for professional students
  • Highlight and promote the international animal and public health expertise of our CVM faculty
  • Offer a Certificate in International Veterinary Medicine for DVM students
  • Enhance the overall development of international programs at UGA by interfacing with other units at the university

Certificate Program (CIVM)

Our interdisciplinary Certificate in International Veterinary Medicine (CIVM) program serves to familiarize students with issues and opportunities in this field in a comprehensive manner, through coursework and externships.

Requirements for Completion

  • Completion of the elective course International Veterinary Medicine (VETM 5201) offered in the Spring elective period
  • Completion of at least one international externship of 3 weeks duration1
  • Proficiency in a foreign language2
  • Completion of a Directed Reading/Special Project. Project must be approved by CVM faculty advisor and completed under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Mentor can be within or outside of the veterinary school (See Special Project Examples for examples of past CIVM students' special projects)

Students will be awarded the certificate at the same time the DVM is conferred.

1. In selected circumstances, an externship in an underserved or minority area can substitute for the foreign experience.

2. Students must have language skills at or above the second university course level. To assess levels, students are encouraged to contact the university testing center, which administers language placement tests every day. Students must bring the examination result back to the veterinary college to receive language credit.

Registering for the Program

The program is managed through the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Students who are interested in the certificate should download the CIVM Registration Form [PDF], fill in their name, sign the form, and submit it to the CVM's Office for Academic Affairs. Registering in no way obligates you to complete the certificate.