Tifton Lab - Faculty and Staff


  • Murray E. Hines, II, DVM, PhD, DACVP
    Director & Professor; Immunohistochemistry Section Head and Director of Resident Training
    Mycobacterial diseases of animals, immunohistochemistry, Johne’s disease, Food animal pathology

  • Marcia Ilha, DVM, MS, DACVP
    Pathologist & Assistant Professor; Clinical Pathology Section Head
    Pathology of Zoo, Wildlife, Exotic and Domestic Animals

  • Moges Woldemeskel, DVM, PhD, DACVP
    Pathologist & Associate Professor; Histopathology Section Head, Necropsy/Receiving Section Head
    Nephropathy in domestic animals, Tumor biology (IHC), and Respiratory disease in ruminants (infectious)

  • Sreekumari Rajeev, DVM, PhD, DACVM, DACVP
    Bacteriologist & Assistant Professor; Microbiology Section Head
    Diagnosis, pathogenesis & prevention of bacterial infectious diseases of animals; concentrating on leptospirosis and Johne’s disease

  • Lee Jones, DVM, MS
    Assistant Professor & Food Animal Health Field Investigator
    Beef Cow Reproductive Efficiency, Beef Herd Health, Estrus Synchronization & Artificial Insemination
    Embryo Transfer and Recipient Management

  • Susan E. Turnquist, DVM, PhD, DACVP
    Associate Professor
    Oncologic pathology, Food animal infectious disease, Johne's disease and Epidemiology


  • Administration
    Johnne T. Graves, Administrative Associate
    Mary Ann Ethridge, Administrative Assistant

  • Administration
    Mary Byrd, Quality Manager & Safety Officer
    Renae H. Hall, Business Manager
    Kristie Goins, Associate Accountant
    Kenneth C. West, Systems Administrator Associate
    Debra E. Webb, Administrative Assistant
    Katy Jones, Laboratory Helper

  • Bacteriology/Mycology
    Cynthia (Cindy) K. Watson, Bacteriologist, Laboratory Manager
    W. Gail Clifton, Laboratory Technician
    Teresa (Teri) T. Register, Medical Technician
    Jill U. Johnson, Laboratory Technician
    Barbara J. Goins, Laboratory Assistant

  • Clinical Pathology
    Anita L. Merrill, Medical Technologist, Laboratory Manager
    Tammie T. Vann, Medical Technologist

  • Histopathology
    Diane S. Rousey, Laboratory Technician, Laboratory Manager
    Kimberly A. Bridges, Histology Technician
    Shabrieka Farley, Histology Techinician

  • Immunohistochemistry
    Lisa W. Whittington, Research Technician

  • Maintenance
    Randall O. Gay, Maintenance Foreman
    Allen Bryant, Maintenance Foreman

  • Necropsy
    Jason Porter, Laboratory Technician

  • Virology/Serology
    Michele D. Coarsey, Laboratory Techinician, Laboratory Manager
    Deborah A. Blakey, EM Technician Candice J. Jackson, Laboratory Technician
    Karina Sorensen, Laboratory Techinician