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Georgia Veterinary Scholars Program

Our Mission

Provide opportunities for veterinary students to become involved in biomedical research.

Enhance awareness of the importance of research in veterinary medicine.

Encourage promising veterinary students to enter a career in biomedical research or advanced studies.

Embark on a journey of discovery to the nexus of animal and human health research.

Applications are now being accepted!  Please apply here by February 2nd, 2018.  For more information about our program and the application process you can access a recording of the GVSP 2018 Informational Session that was held at UGA CVM on November 28th at the link here, or you can contact us at

About GVSP

The Georgia Veterinary Scholars Program is co-sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim (as part of the Boehringer Ingelheim Veterianary Scholars Porgram), The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, and the National Institutes of Health, Office of Research Infrastructure Programs,  through a T35 grant. Since establishing our program in 1995, we have provided research experiences to 302 veterinary students from veterinary schools across the U.S., as well as several international schools. 14 scholars were selected from a pool of talented student applicants to participate in our 2017 summer program. We strive to innovate and expand this program to provide students a current and comprehensive biomedical research experience.

Program goals

GVSP scholars engage in research projects under the mentorship of research faculty from mid-May to the first week of August. Participating scholars attend seminars covering a variety of topics related to biomedical research and take part in site visits to regional research facilities, such as the Yerkes National Primate Research Center and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Scholars attend informal dinner gatherings at the homes of faculty members during the Summer Science journal club series where they discuss current topics in the scientific literature. The GVS program encourages close interactions with faculty from across UGA to enhance understanding of the responsibilities and opportunities of a research career. Scholars build lasting relationships with faculty and each other as they immerse themselves in the world of biomedical research. At the end of the summer, the scholars present their research at the BI-NIH National Veterinary Scholar Program Symposium that will be held at Texas A&M University in 2018. 


Applicants must be veterinary students who have completed their first or second year of a veterinary curriculum. Veterinary students who have not completed their bachelor's degree, possess an MS or PhD degree, or who are currently enrolled in a graduate program should contact program administrators to discuss eligibility. Students are encouraged to clearly state in their application why they are interested in this type of program, their future career goals, and any other pertinent information that may be beneficial in this competitive process. Two references are required, one must be from a UGA CVM professor (or professor at applicant's vet school).


Jennifer Futter
Program Administrative Specialist
College of Veterinary Medicine, Room 227
The University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602-7371
United States
Phone: 706.542.5734
Fax: 706.542.8254

Our Directors

Susan Williams

Jennifer Smith-Garvin

Harry Dickerson