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Hear what our clients have to say about their experiences with the Hospital.

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  • Patient Success Story: Mac

    3-year-old Veiled Chameleon
    Owned by David Alexander
    Cumming, Ga.

    "...Mac has made so much progress and continues to feel good day after day. We have the UGA VTH to thank for nursing him back to a healthy and fun chameleon!"

  • Patient Success Story: Luna Fleur

    2-year-old Mixed-breed Dog
    Owned by Caitlin Shetter and James Mitchell
    Atlanta, Ga.

    "Luna Fleur is our little miracle girl who got a second chance at life thanks to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital. ..."

  • Patient Success Story: Lucy

    10-year-old Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig
    Owned by Susie Lundie
    Dacula, Ga.

    "...Thanks to the great staff at the UGA VTH, we are planning on many, many more years with our little Lucy!"

  • Patient Success Story: Cherry

    25-year-old Pony
    Owned by Stephanie, Drew and Katie Johnston
    Hampton, Ga.

    "...Thank you to everyone at the UGA VTH for your expertise, experience and care with our Cherry. She is with us today because of YOU."

  • Patient Success Story: Winnie

    3-year-old English Bulldog
    Owned by Andy Linn and family
    Alpharetta, Ga.

    "...Thanks to these respective teams and their entire staff, Winnie lives a full and happy life, and will celebrate her fourth birthday this year."

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