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Department of Infectious Diseases

Mark W. Jackwood

Mark W. Jackwood

Department Head, Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center
The J.R. Glisson Professor of Avian Medicine

Educational Background

BS (1978) Animal Science, University of Delaware, Animal Science
MS (1982) Virology, University of Delaware
PhD (1985) Microbiology, The Ohio State University

Research Interests

Dr. Jackwood is a molecular virologist. His primary area of research is the study of avian coronaviruses. Specifically, he works with infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), a coronavirus that causes an upper-respiratory disease in chickens, and turkey coronavirus (TCoV), an enteric disease in turkeys, which is also associated with poult enteritis mortality syndrome (PEMS). Dr. Jackwood’s work involves the use of molecular techniques for the identification, characterization, and control of these viruses.


The 2014 Charles Beard Research Excellence Award (U.S. Poultry & Egg Foundation)

Selected Publications

Jackwood, M.W., Review of infectious bronchitis virus around the world. Avian Dis. Accepted June 2012. Toro, H., V.L. van Santen and M.W. Jackwood. Genetic diversity and selection regulates evolution of infectious bronchitis virus. Avian Dis. Accepted April 2012. Cook, J.K., M.W. Jackwood and R.C. Jones. The long view: 40 years of infectious bronchitis research. Avian Path. 41:239-250. 2012. Jackwood, M.W., D. Hall, and A. Handel. Molecular evolution and emergence of avian gammacoronaviruses. Infection, Genetics and Evolution 12(6):1305-1311. 2012. Kuriakose, T., D. A. Hilt, and M. W. Jackwood. Multiplex microsphere assay for simultaneous detection of all avian influenza viruses and differentiation of H5, H7, N1 and N2 subtypes. Avian Dis. 56(1):90-96. 2012. Thor, S. W., D. A. Hilt, J. C. Kissinger, A. H. Paterson, and M. W. Jackwood. Recombination in Avian Gamma-Coronaviruses Infectious Bronchitis Virus. Viruses. 3(9):1777-1799. 2011. Phillips, J. E., M. W. Jackwood, E. T. McKinley, S. W. Thor, D. A. Hilt, N. D. Acevedol, S. M. Williams, J. C. Kissinger, A. H Paterson, J. S. Robertson, C. Lemke. Changes in nonstructural protein 3 are associated with attenuation in avian coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus. Virus Genes 44(1):63-74. 2012. Epub 2011 Sep 10. Keeler, S. P., P. J. Ferro, J. D. Brown, X. Fang, J. El-Attrache, R. Poulson, M. W. Jackwood and D. E. Stallknecht. Use Of FTA® Sampling Cards For Molecular Detection Of Avian Influenza Virus in Wild Birds. Avian Dis. 56(1):200-207. 2012. McKinley, E. T., M. W. Jackwood, D. A. Hilt, J. C. Kissinger, J. S. Robertson, C. Lemke, and A. H. Paterson. Attenuated live vaccine usage affects accurate measures of virus diversity and mutation rates in avian coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus. Virus Research. 158(1-2):225-234. 2011. Franca, M., P. R. Woolcock, M. Yu, M. W. Jackwood and H. L. Shivaprasad. Nephritis associated with infectious bronchitis virus Cal99 variant in game chickens. Avian Dis. 55(3):422-428. 2011. Jackwood, M. W., D. L. Suarez, D. Hilt, M. J. Pantin-Jackwood, E. Spackman, P. Woolcock, and C. Cardona. Biological Characterization of Chicken-Derived H6N2 Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza Viruses in Chickens and Ducks. Avian Dis. Avian Dis. 54:120-125, 2010. Jackwood, M. W., T. O. Boynton, D. A. Hilt, E. T. McKinley, J. C. Kissinger, A. H. Paterson, J. Robertson, c. Lemke, A. W. McCall, S. M. Williams, J. W. Jackwood, and L. A. Byrd. Emergence of a Group 3 Coronavirus Through Recombination. Virology, 398:98-108. 2010. Jackwood, M. W., R. Rosenbloom, M. Petteruti, D. A. Hilt, A. W. McCall, and S. M. Williams. Avian Coronavirus Infectious Bronchitis Virus Susceptibility to Botanical Oleoresins and Essential Oils In Vitro and In Vivo. Virus Research, 149:86-94. 2010. Jackwood, M. W., D. A. Hilt, H. S. Sellers, S. M. Williams, and H. N. Lasher. Rapid Heat-Treatment Attenuation of Infectious Bronchitis Virus. Avian Pathology 39:227-233, 2010. Panshin, A., N. Golender, I. Davidson, S. Nagar, M. Garcia, M. W. Jackwood, E. Mundt, A. Alturi, S. Perk. Variavility of NS1 proteins among H9N2 avian influenza viruses isolated in Israel during 2000-2009. Virus Genes 41:396-405, 2010. Jackwood, M. W., D. A. Hilt, A. W. McCall, C. N. Polizzi, E. T. McKinley, and S. M. Williams. Infectious Bronchitis Virus Field Vaccination Coverage, Vaccine Levels, and Persistence of Arkansas Type Viruses in Commercial Broilers. Avian Dis. 53:175-183, 2009. Morales, A. C., Jr., D. A. Hilt, S. M. Williams, M. J. Pantin-Jackwood, d. L. Suarez, E. Spackman, D. E. Stallknecht, and M. W. Jackwood. Biological Characterization of H4, H6, and H9 type Low Pathogenicity Avian Influenza Viruses from wild Birds in Chickens and Turkeys. Avian Dis. 53:552-562, 2009. Jackwood, M. W., S. Bogoch, E. S. Bogoch, D. Hilt, and S. M. Williams. Efficacy of a Replikin Peptide Vaccine Against Low-Pathogenicity Avian Influenza H5 Virus. Avian Dis. 53:613-617, 2009. McKinley, E. T., D. A. Hilt, and M. W. Jackwood Avian coronavirus infectious bronchitis attenuated live vaccines undergo selection of subpopulations and mutations following vaccination. Vaccine 26:1274-1284. 2008. Jackwood, M. W., L. Hickle, S. Kapil, R. Silva. Vaccine development using recombinant DNA technology, Animal agriculture’s future through biotechnology, Part 7. Issue Paper Number 38. Council for Agricultural Science and Technology, Ames, Iowa. 2008. Pantin-Jackwood, M. J., J. M. Day, M. W. Jackwood, E. Spackman. Enteric viruses detected by molecular methods in commercial chicken and turkey flocks in the United States between 2005 and 2006. Avian Dis. 52:235-244, 2008. Jackwood, M. W., and D. E. Stallknecht. Molecular epidemiologic studies on North American H9 avian influenza virus isolates from waterfowl and shorebirds. Avian Dis. 51:448-450, 2007. Jackwood, M. W., D. A. Hilt, S. M. Williams, P. Woolcock, C. Cardona, and R. O’Connor. Molecular and serologic characterization, pathogenicity and protection studies with infectious bronchitis virus field isolates form California. Avian Dis. 51:527-533, 2007.

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