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Microsoft Office for Students

Posted on 08-11-2013

You can visit the SRS Personal Store at to buy current disk packs of Microsoft Office. The download option is NOT available to UGA students, so choose Software then Microsoft.

Current offerings (subject to change) are :

Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows : $62.77

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac: $54.33

New ScannX Book Printer

Posted on 08-01-2013

Please come by the Reading Room to check out the new ScannX book scanner. It can scan directly to email, smart phones, tablets, and our WEPA printing kiosk.  This has replaced our copier as one of the many ways we are trying to cut down on paper use.

Welcome Back

Posted on 08-13-2012

Welcome back to school!

If you have any IT requests or issues, you can reach us three ways:

  • 1. Send an email to This will create a ticket in our Web Help Desk and someone will respond to you.
  • 2. Call our Help Desk at 706-542-5124.
  • 3. Stop by room H221 right outside the Reading Room.

eLC and Clicker Training

Posted on 08-08-2012

We will have Sherry Clouser from the Center for Teaching and Learning facilitating two workshops this Friday (8/10/2012) in our VetLab. Since our incoming freshman will have clickers assigned to them, this is a great opportunity to incorporate them in your class.

9:00 - 10:30 eLearning Commons QuickStart

This workshop will be an overview of eLearning Commons including posting content and grades.

10:45 - Noon Introduction to TurningPoint AnyWhere

This workshop will be an overview of the TurningPoint AnyWhere software, which allows for in-class polling with clickers. Topics will include developing questions and reviewing data after class.

If you know for sure you are coming, please let us know. But feel free to come by even if you let us know ahead of time.


Purchasing Computers

Posted on 07-12-2012

Please remember that all computer hardware purchases need to be ordered from quotes generated by IT Client Services. This includes all Dell and Apple products including desktops, laptops, iPads and other mobile devices.

We are currently working on a streamlined process to make the quoting and purchasing go faster for our clients.

If you need to order a computer, please email with a description of what you would like and your budgeted amount.

UVIS Gateway Upgrade

Posted on 07-06-2012

Tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon at 1:45, the UVIS-GATEWAY machine that some users access for the UVIS application will be migrated to Active Directory.

At that time, the Novell client will be removed and from that point on any users wanting to access the machine will just use their MyID and password to get into it. No Novell username and password will be required. Also, even though it was stipulated not to save any data on that machine while using it, if anyone has inadvertently saved data that they do not want lost they should log in to the machine and move the data off of it before that time tomorrow.

The migration should not take longer than 45 minutes. If anyone would like to test the upgrade after that time it would be appreciated if you would let me know that you can still successfully access the computer as you did before and can log in with your MyID and password.

Adobe Site License

Posted on 07-03-2012

IT Services is excited to announce a new program at the College of Veterinary Medicine related to the use of many popular Adobe products on UGA computers. For a per machine enrollment fee of $75 you will have access to a wide variety of products like Adobe Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, and other titles plus you will be covered for annual upgrades at no additional cost. Previously, Adobe Acrobat Pro alone cost nearly $70 and required an annual upgrade charge. All new CVM computer purchases will be enrolled in this program. Older existing computers can also be enrolled at your request after we assess their capacity to run the applications.