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Veterinary Technician - Cardiology

Staff Positions

Job Description

Challenging position on the Cardiology service offers excellent opportunity to be part of an exciting academic environment. Be part of our clinical team performing and teaching the latest techniques in cardiology. Increase your skills and knowledge by using the latest medical equipment and by taking part in clinical research projects.

The cardiology technician plays an active role in all aspects of the daily operation of the cardiology service. Specific responsibilities include participation in interventional procedures (e.g., pacemaker implantation, PDA occlusion, balloon valvuloplasty, heartworm extraction), obtaining electrocardiograms and blood pressure measurements.  Application of Holter monitors, and analysis of Holter studies.  The cardiology technician also aids in the instruction of veterinary students and participates in clinical research projects.  

The Cardiology service technician must be able to handle and restrain various species (primarily cats and dogs), understanding the various body systems well enough to perform basic examinations and provide client and student education. The technician interacts with and assists faculty members, residents, and hospital administrative personnel in the management of the service, helping to coordinate inpatient and outpatient care in the veterinary teaching hospital.  Computer software skills are required.

The Cardiology service technician must be competent in the performance of routine technical tasks and is essential in the care of critical and non-critical patients.  S/He should be able to perform intravenous catheterization, cystocentesis, and routine laboratory procedures. This person must exhibit attention to detail in the performance of tasks such as drug dosage calculations and reconstitution and administration of fluids and medications.

Although the cardiology service technician does not routinely induce general anesthesia or monitor anesthetized patients, s/he should be comfortable working with anesthetized and/or critically ill patients and must be capable of accurately monitoring respiratory and circulatory systems, and occasionally assisting iwth cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Salary is commensurate with education and experience. An excellent benefits package is offered, including health insurance, retirement benefits, annual leave (vacation and sick leave), uniforms, and reimbursement for continuing education conference expenses.  

Items Needed for Application

Please send cover letters and resumes to: Laura Dreesen, RVT, LATg -


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