Endoscopy Report Form (SAMPLE)


Date: 10/25/2002
Procedure: Ingluvioscopy (crop endoscopy)
Clinician: Steve Divers
Endoscopist: Steve Divers
Endoscope: 2.7mm telescope
Other Equipment Used: Retrieval and biopsy forceps, sterile saline irrigation
Endoscopy Fee Level: 2

Patient information

Client #:
Owner Name:
Patient Name: Lucky
Species: Avian
Breed: Amazon
DOB: 09/24/1998
Body Weight (kg): 0.408

Endoscopic Findings

  • Acute weight loss and regurgitation despite supportive care by referring DVM.
  • Blood work and radiographs unremarkable.
  • Virus and Chlamydophila screen negative, lead & zinc negative.

Endoscopic examination of crop revealed a small inspissated mass occluding the proventricular inlet. Broke down mass using forceps and removed majority with retrieval and biopsy forceps. Flushed out remainder, proventricular inlet appears clear.

Additional information

Endoscopic Diagnosis:
Ingluvitis - crop infection, foreign body.

Cytology and bacterial/fungal culture of removed material. Oral enrofloxacin and nystatin until lab results back then change accordingly. Adv hospitalize and monitor feeding. If feeding to discharge home tomorrow, with endoscopic recheck in 7-10 days.

Biopsies Taken?
YES - samples of crop debris/foreign body for cytology and culture (bacterial and fungal)

Pictures Taken?
YES, file "Scott 5684 Ingluvioscopy.doc"

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