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Public Relations

Faculty Experts

If you need to contact an expert on our faculty, please e-mail the Public Relations Director, or call 706.583.5485. You may also want to search the UGA online experts directory.

  • We have an award-winning faculty (more than half have PhDs in addition to the DVM degree), including internationally recognized experts in poultry diseases, caged birds, fish, wildlife, companion animals, horses, and many other areas.
  • Our College is the only public veterinary college with a certificate program in international veterinary medicine.
  • We have research experts in poultry medicine, equine colic syndrome, College of Veterinary Medicine expertscomparative immunology, infectious diseases, neurobiology, vaccinology, viral immunology, wildlife diseases, and filarial parasitic disease, among others.
  • Our Wildlife Disease Study provides diagnostic services throughout a 18-state region. More than 60 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians have been studied as part of an internationally recognized research program on wildlife diseases.
  • The Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center is an international leader in avian medicine, and has developed many innovative products and procedures for preventing or treating poultry diseases.
  • Our master’s program in avian medicine is the first and best-known program of its kind in the world.
  • Our diagnostic laboratories in Athens and Tifton receive specimens from all over the world.

This page was last reviewed on July 10, 2014.