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Patient Success Story Submission Form

Thank you for submitting your success story and photos for us to consider including in upcoming UGA College of Veterinary Medicine publications and other promotional outlets (including our website:

Unfortunately, we are unable to use all the stories submitted, but we do review all submissions and we will contact you if your story is selected.

By submitting your story and pictures through this form, you are giving us permission to use your story and images in publications and marketing materials produced by the University of Georgia. We will give you a courtesy call, so you know we are using your story, and we will provide you with a complimentary copy of any publications in which we use your image.

Please fill out the form completely and make sure to leave your contact information. We will not consider submissions that do not include contact information.

Please complete one submission form for each animal's story that you submit. If you would like to see an example of a success story, you may view one online at:


  • If you are submitting multiple stories, please complete one submission form for each story!
  • All photographs must be 300 dpi (for optimal use).
  • Digital photos or high-quality scans should be e-mailed to; don't forget to include your name and your animal's name so we can match your image(s) to your story.


Call: Cheryl DePaolo client support coordinator at 706.207.6340


Google Docs EULA

Before submitting information through this form, please read and be sure you agree to the Google Terms of Service (this link will open in a new window). Additionally, information that is submitted to UGA that is not a protected part of a permanent medical record may be subject to Open Records requests per state and federal laws.