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Staff Representative Group

SRG Bylaws


The name of this group shall be College of Veterinary Medicine Staff Representative Group, hereafter called CVMSRG.


  1. To provide a forum for the introduction of staff-related concerns of the College of Veterinary Medicine.
  2. To discuss such concerns and determine whether an item can be resolved with the College of Veterinary Medicine.
  3. To make recommendations that a staff-related concern be introduced to the University of Georgia Staff Council.
  4. To help in staff development and motivation and assist in staff appreciation events


The voting membership of the CVMSRG will be elected by and from the classified personnel, as defined in the Policies of the Board of Regents (Policies, 8.1.2), and other regular non-faculty status employees. If the representatives to Staff Council who are elected by CVMSRG come from classified staff at large instead of the CVMSRG itself, those representatives will serve as nonvoting ex officio members of the CVMSRG and must attend CVMSRG meetings. Staff Council representatives who also serve as CVMSRG representatives from departments within the College of Veterinary Medicine will retain full voting rights.


  1. The CVMSRG shall consist of staff from each of the following units:
    • Small Animal Med & Surgery (A)
    • Physiology & Pharmacology (A)
    • Population Health (A)
    • Pathology (B)
    • Tifton Diagnostic Lab (B)
    • Athens Diagnostic Lab (B)
    • Vet Biosciences & Diagnostic Imaging (A)
    • Large Animal Medicine (A)
    • Infectious Diseases (A)
    • Veterinary Medicine Dean's Office (B)
    • Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital (1) (B)
    • Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital (2) (A)
    • Wildlife Disease (B)
  • All units within the College of Veterinary Medicine will have one representative with the exception of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital which will have two representatives. These two representatives shall not be from within the same department.
  • Nominations for unit CVMSRG representatives are provided by whatever means each unit sees fit. It is not a requirement of the CVMSRG that units hold elections for representation, only that representation for the unit is provided. In the instance that a unit does not provide a representative, the department head of that particular unit will be asked to provide a representative.
  • Each representative shall be committed for a renewable two-year term. The year begins in June and ends in May.
  • In the event a representative is unable to fulfill the commitment of two years, a replacement shall be provided to serve the remainder of the term. The replacement representative may then have the option of serving a full two year term.
  • New representatives shall attend the May meeting at the end of the term of the representative that is being replaced. The seated representative will participate in normal business of the CVMSRG before introducing the new representative.
  • Representatives are provided on a staggered schedule.
    1. Representatives identified in A position will be provided on EVEN years.
    2. Representatives identified in B position will be provided on ODD years.

    1. Officers and Duties
      1. The officers of the CVMSRG will consist of a Chairperson, a Co-Chairperson, a Secretary, and a Co- Secretary.
      2. The Chairperson will be responsible for scheduling and conducting all CVMSRG meetings. The Chairperson will be elected by and from the CVMSRG for a one-year term of office, and is eligible for this office after being a member of CVMSRG for a minimum of one year.
      3. The Co-Chairperson will assist the Chairperson and perform the duties of the Chairperson in his/her absence. The Co-Chairperson will be elected by and from the CVMSRG for a one-year term.
      4. The Secretary will be responsible for taking minutes, maintaining records, and distributing information with the CVMSRG. The minutes will be reviewed by the Chairperson and the Co-Chairperson prior to distribution. The Secretary will be elected by and from the CVMSRG for a one-year term.
      5. The Co-Secretary will perform the duties of the Secretary in his/her absence and will be elected by and from the CVMSRG for a one-year term.
    2. Representatives to University-Wide Staff Council
      1. Two representatives will be elected by the CVMSRG to attend all meetings of the University-Wide Staff Council. If the representatives to Staff Council who are elected by CVMSRG come from classified staff at large instead of the CVMSRG itself, those representatives will serve as nonvoting ex officio members of the CVMSRG and must attend CVMSRG meeetings.
      2. The representatives will submit to the University-Wide Staff Council any issues or items of concern recommended by the CVMSRG through written correspondence to the appropriate person.
      3. In the event that the CVMSRG will not be represented by at either representative, arrangements shall be made to assign a proxy to attend the meeting.
      4. The minutes from the Staff Council shall be distributed to the other CVMSRG members in a timely fashion by one of the representatives.
    3. Ex-Officio Members
      1. Three nominees from the CVM Safety Committee will be presented to the CVM Administrative Council or other approved body by the CVMSRG. The CVM Administrative Council or other approved body then selects the final representative to serve as liaison between the CVM Safety Committee and the CVMSRG. If multiple nominees are not available for selection, a simple majority vote from the CVMSRG recommending the best candidate will be presented to the CVM Administrative Council or other approved body for approval.
      2. A member from the College-Wide Strategic Planning Committee shall be committed to serving as liaison for the CVMSRG. The candidates are made known by appointment, nomination or volunteer. And the representative is selected by simple majority vote.
    4. Committees
      1. Any member of the CVMSRG may make a motion to form a committee. The motion must be passed by majority vote prior to the formation of the committee.
      2. Two types of committees may be formed: a standing committee which becomes a permanent committee on the CVMSRG, or an ad hoc committee which is formed for a temporary charge.
      3. The role of any committee within the CVMSRG shall be to collect information pertaining to their charge, and relay that information to the CVMSRG and/or to any college level committees with a similar charge.
      4. Membership to any committee shall be delegated at the time that the committee is formed, and shall be made known by appointment, nomination or volunteer.
      5. CVMSRG Committees shall be comprised of non-faculty, classified staff with a minimum of one member being a current CVMSRG member or an ex-officio CVMSRG member.


    1. The CVMSRG will meet on the third Wednesday of every month @ 2:00 PM. The location of each meeting will be communicated to members prior to each meeting.
    2. Special meetings may be called by any member of the CVMSRG or college administration.
    3. The order of business will be as follows:
      1. Presentation of the minutes of the last meeting of the CVMSRG, their corrections, if any, and their adoption.
      2. Reports of special committees.
      3. Report of the University-Wide Staff Council Representative(s).
      4. Old business.
      5. New business.
      6. Adjournment.
    4. A simple majority of the members of the CVMSRG will constitute quorum. Motions may be passed by a majority of those present and voting. The Chairperson will not have a vote unless his/her vote is necessary in order to break a tie. The CVMSRG may not conduct normal business if a quorum is called and found lacking.
    5. A CVMSRG member who is unable to attend the monthly meeting should send an alternate. An alternate should report to the Secretary prior to the meeting so that he/she may enter into discussion during the meeting as well as exercise voting rights. An alternate may not represent more than one member at a meeting.
    6. Non-members are welcome to attend the monthly meetings of the CVMSRG. Non-members who wish to address the CVMSRG will request permission to do so from the Chairperson prior to the meetings or from presiding officers during the meeting. Any CVMSRG member may move that a non-member be allowed to speak.
    7. A copy of the minutes of each meeting will be sent to all CVMSRG members by email. Any additions or corrections may be presented at the following meeting before the minutes are adopted. A copy of the adopted minutes will be placed on file in an easily accessible area. This information shall be made available by contacting any of the current officers of the CVMSRG. It is the responsibility of each unit to provide a designated area to display CVMSRG news and meeting information.


    The CVMSRG shall have the power to amend its bylaws providing such amendments to be approved by a majority of the votes cast at two successive meetings of the CVMSRG.

    • Adopted: September 17, 2003
    • Amended: April 21, 2004
    • Amended: June 2005
    • Amended: May 17, 2006
    • Amended: August 16, 2006
    • Amended: March 21, 2007
    • Amended: July 2009
    • Amended: April 2013
    • Amended: May 2016

    Elected Officers


    Abbie Butler

    Lori Dressel

    Molly Thomas

    Merrilee Thoresen

    Alan Icard
    University Staff Council Rep.

    Brent Norwood
    Co-Staff Council Rep.