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Staff Representative Group

Departmental Staff Representatives

Animal Health Research Center

Vicki Ellis

Animal Resources

Angelia Chappelear, 2013-2015

Dean's Office

Molly Thomas, 2013-2015 (Secretary)

Diagnostic Lab – Athens

Wendy Counkle, 2013-2015

Diagnostic Lab – Tifton

Diane Rousey 2013-2015

Infectious Diseases

Becky Kirkland, 2012-2014

Large Animal Medicine

Merrilee Thoresen (Co-Secretary), 2012-2014


Abbie Butler (Chair), 2011-2013

Physiology and Pharmacology

Misty Patterson, 2012-2014

Population Health

Alan Icard (Staff Council Rep), 2012-2014

Small Animal Medicine

Lauren Heidingsfelder, 2012-2014

Teaching Hospital

Lori Dressel, 2013-2015 (Co-Chair)
Katie Porterfield, 2013-2015

Veterinary Biosciences & Diagnostic Imaging

Brent Norwood, 2013-2015 (Co-Staff Council Rep.)

Elected Officers


Abbie Butler

Lori Dressel

Molly Thomas

Merrilee Thoresen

Alan Icard
University Staff Council Rep.

Brent Norwood
Co-Staff Council Rep.