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Academic Affairs : Competencies and Outcomes Assessment Plan

Competencies and Outcomes Assessment Plan

Student competencies are the abilities of our students to apply knowledge, skills, aptitudes and attitudes to successfully perform tasks or exhibit behaviors expected of a veterinarian. Competencies are at the core of our educational process as broad goals that are to be achieved by students as they progress through the DVM curriculum.

CogsEach didactic course and clinical rotation experience within UGA CVM’s curriculum is centered on learning goals referred to as student learning objectives (SLOs). The SLOs, developed by faculty in concert with the UGA CVM Curriculum Committee, are goals which will be achieved by successful students. Student learning outcomes are specific to individual courses and experiences in the curriculum. Typically learning outcomes are assessed by performance on course exams and projects, course grades, and standardized or comprehensive examinations. By achieving satisfactory learning outcomes, students develop the foundational knowledge, skills, aptitudes, and attitudes of a competent veterinarian as reflected in our primary competency goals referred to as UGA CVM Competency Goals.  These primary goals incorporate two additional sets of competencies: day-one competencies as represented in The Ideal UGA CVM Veterinary Graduate Statement and accreditation requirements within the AVMA COE Standard 11 Competencies.

The UGA CVM Outcomes Assessment Framework and Plan incorporates the principles which form the foundation for our competency-based education and provides an assessment framework for evaluating the success of our curriculum.

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