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Academic Affairs : Day-One Competencies: The Ideal UGA CVM Veterinary Graduate

Day-One Competencies: The Ideal UGA CVM Veterinary Graduate

UGA CVM’s faculty have embraced the goal of preparing graduate veterinarians that have the minimum competencies necessary to ensure that they are prepared to practice veterinary medicine on day one. To address this goal, a specific set of day-one competencies to which our college is committed is outlined in The Ideal UGA CVM Graduate statement, which was adopted by our faculty on 14Mar12:

The University of Georgia is committed to graduating veterinarians with Day One professional competency. Day One professionally competent veterinarians are defined as those who have acquired an expected standard of veterinary medical knowledge and the skills, aptitudes and attitudes required to apply that knowledge confidently and effectively. Professional competency requires understanding of the complex range of roles that animals play in society including, but not limited to, companionship, service, research, recreation, and production.

We recognize that this professional competency will require continued development over time through mentorship by practitioner employers, graduate training programs, and post graduate continuing education (CE).

  1. Veterinary Medical Knowledge
    1. Understand the biomedical basis and evolving nature of veterinary health and disease and its application to a wide variety of species
    2. Understand evidence-based practice, which relies on the identification, evaluation and application of basic and clinical research
  2. Veterinary Medical Skills
    1. Demonstrate basic preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic skills, and use of evidence-based practice to address a variety of animal species’ health concerns in compliance with prevailing laws
    2. Apply One Health concepts to promote human, domestic animal and wildlife health
    3. Evaluate the impact of health management on animal productivity and welfare
    4. Communicate effectively with clients, colleagues and responsible authorities, in oral and written formats
    5. Work as part of multi-disciplinary teams to achieve optimal veterinary care and scientific advancement
    6. Manage business and finances for growth and appropriate utilization of resources
  3. Aptitudes and Attitudes
    1. Appreciate the importance of research for the advancement of health
    2. Be ethically and socially responsible to the profession and the global community
    3. Appreciate that cultural diversity impacts both delivery of and access to veterinary medical care and the perception of the veterinary medical profession
    4. Adapt to changing professional, scientific and societal norms
    5. Appreciate the veterinarian's leadership role in various communities (workplace, local, national, global, scientific, professional)

The Ideal CVM graduate and philosophy of graduating students with Day One professional competency will be utilized to develop an outcomes-based assessment plan each academic year. In addition to the Student Competency Goals, Day 1 Preparation will serve as a foundation to assessment efforts, articulated the desired outcome for students and their experiences within the DVM program.

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