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Animal Health Research Center


The Office of Biosafety along with AHRC staff provides comprehensive BSL-3 training to all incoming students, Principal Investigators, and employees. Our training program includes introductory, annual follow-up, and study specific training that, with documented completion, allows possible independent access into the AHRC Vivarium.

AHRC Training
  • Training Topics (include, but are not limited to):
    • Bells & Whistles- introduction to facility vivarium.
    • Medical Evacuation
    • PAPR training and Fit testing
    • BSL-3 Basics training
    • Occupational Health Registration
    • Respiratory Testing with Occupational Health
    • Select Agent Training
    • Escorted hours logged and evaluated by Vivarium Manager
    • Donning/Doffing training (specific to project)
    • Animal Husbandry and Technical Procedures
    • Pre-study Meetings
  • External Training experience is accepted with credible documentation. A final evaluation will be required before independent access is considered.
  • How to receive independent access
    • All required training must be completed, documented, and approved before full, independent access is granted to the AHRC Vivarium. Contact the Office of Biosafety or the AHRC Operations Director to initiate training. Also see the AHRC Training SOP for more detailed instructions (insert link here).
  • Training forms
    • (insert links here)

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