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Alumni Relations

Alumni Board Members 2018-2019

The Veterinary Alumni Association Board meets twice per year: the meeting in the fall coincides with the Dean's Tailgate and the meeting in the spring is held during the Annual Conference and Alumni Weekend. The minutes are available here.


Dr. Karen Duncan, President, Class of 1984
Dr. Marian Shuler Holladay, Immediate Past-President, Class of 2005
Dr. Doris Miller-Liebl, Secretary, Class of 1976

Board Members:

Dr. Bonnie Ballard, Class of 1994
Dr. David Dawkins, Class of 2011
Dr. Brad Heins, Class of 2011
Dr. Melissa Kling-Newberry, Class of 1983
Dr. Nina Marano, Class of 1984
Dr. Shannon Miller, Class of 2004
Dr. Brandon Pinson, Class of 2010
Dr. Jennifer Proctor, Class of 1996
Dr. Ira Roth, Class of 1986
Dr. Wayne Rush, Class of 1986
Dr. Greg Winter, Class of 1991
Dr. Michael Zager, Class of 1979

Dean Lisa Nolan, ex officio, Class of 1988

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