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Animal Resources


Instructions using Acrobat Reader

The PDF is editable on your computer with Acrobat Reader by following the steps below:

  1. Download the Animal Request Form here [PDF]. The PDF will either open in Acrobat directly in your browser window, or will download to your computer depending on the settings you have set up in your browser.
  2. Once you have the form open in Acrobat, hit the “Tab” key to go to the first field (“P.I.”) and enter in the P.I.
  3. Hit “Tab” again, and the cursor will jump to the next field, complete that entry, and so on.
  4. When all entries are complete, print the file by selecting File > Print.
  5. Submit the printed form to Animal Resources.

Note: The completed from cannot be saved with the entries unless you have Adobe Acrobat Professional. Acrobat Reader will not allow the file to be saved; it can, however, be printed.

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