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tifton groundbreaking photo

CVM breaks ground on new Farm Animal Veterinary Medical Center on the Tifton campus

The UGA College of Veterinary Medicine broke ground on a new facility on their campus in Tifton, Georgia recently. The UGA Tifton Farm Animal Veterinary Medical Center will improve the CVM’s ability to serve Georgia’s animal agricultural industries and will strengthen the South Georgia region overall. The 9,000-square-foot facility will […]

Edith Raiford-Holland

We had a very tragic accident on our small farm. A large dog scaled our 6-foot fence and attacked our goats, Edith and Estelle, who were badly hurt. Estelle had to have 30 staples in her face and was able to return home after a few days, but Edith had […]

MD Johnson Farms

I began farming cattle in 2011 and was pretty green to the whole process, but I managed to get by until the winter of 2015. By then, my cattle were eating plenty of hay, but the herd’s condition was progressively deteriorating. A neighbor told me about the UGA Veterinary Teaching […]

Lucy Lundie

Lucy was near death when we rescued her, but she had such an amazing spirit and will to live. She joined our four other rescues and loved the company of her “pig” brothers and sisters. She relished the love and attention she was getting for the first time in her […]

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