College Holds Annual Science of Veterinary Medicine Symposium

By Lisa Herrmann

The annual Science of Veterinary Medicine Symposium took place October 12 at the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine. The symposium featured emerging fields lectures by college faculty and a keynote by Joel Elmquist, DVM, PhD, director of the Division of Hypothalamic Research at the University of Texas Southwestern. Students participated in oral and poster presentations throughout the day, with the best presentations being recognized by a panel of faculty judges.

The winners were:

Best Undergraduate & Veterinary Student Presentations

Veronica Buhler & Trey Callahan (oral)
Cook English, Hannah Gordon & Reza Kianian (poster)

Best Graduate Student Oral Presentations

Jennifer Bloodgood & Maria Naskou (oral)
Julie Sanchez, Claire-Sophie Rimet & Kura Wyatt (poster)

Best Postdoctoral Fellow Student Presentation

Jennifer Willingham-Lane (oral)

Best Intern & Resident Oral Presentations

Jesse Tyma (oral)
Kimberly Alexander (poster)

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