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Center for Vaccines and Immunology

Translational Vaccine Unit

The Antibody Core

The Antibody Core provides laboratory analyses of humoral immune responses from pre-clinical animal studies and clinical vaccine efficacy studies. 

This core utilizes two main instruments: the Octet Red384 (Forte Bio) and the Bio-Plex 200 Multiplex Immunoassay System (Bio-Rad, aka "the Luminex").

The Octet platform includes instruments, biosensors, reagents and assay kits for analysis of biomolecular interactions in 384-well microplates, incorporating real-time, label-free analysis for determination of affinity, kinetics and concentration. Interested in running your samples on it? Our trained operator will! For information on scheduling and costs, contact the CVI Antibody Core Manager (Anne Blackwell;; ext. 2-8468).

The Bio-Plex is a flexible, easy-to-use microplate based immunoassay system that uses Luminex magnetic beads for the quantification of over 450 biologically relevant targets: immunoassays, receptor-ligand assays, nucleic acid hybridization assays, enzymatic assays, cell signaling and growth, toxicity, and more. Choose assays in premade and custom configurations, or develop your own assays for new targets. If interested in using, users can be trained on it. Fees for use, upkeep, and supplies do apply. For information on scheduling and costs, contact the CVI Antibody Core Manager (Anne Blackwell;; ext. 2-8468).

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The Cellular FACS Core

The Cellular FACS Core provides services for cell sorting and phenotype acquisition using the state-of-the-art Becton-Dickinson FACSAria Fusion flow cytometer.

The FACSAria Fusion is a flexible and highly adaptable sorter, containing four fixed-aligned, air-cooled lasers. In its present configuration, it is outfitted with 4 lasers: blue octagon laser with 3 PMTs, red octagon laser with 2 PMTs, Yellow-Green octagon laser with 4 PMTs, and a violet octagon laser with 3 PMTs. This combination of lasers allows users to create panels of up to eleven colors simultaneously, and evaluate up to fifteen parameters (forward and side scatter plus the eleven fluorescent channels) overall.

The Fusion has an increased sensitivity and flexibility due to the octagon and trigon optical arrays. It is equipped with an Automated Cell Deposition Unit (ACDU), enabling users to sort onto slides or 6, 24, 48, 96 and 384-well plates. The water recirculator bath may be used for the sample tubes as well as the collection tubes/plates to be temperature controlled from 4°C to 42°C. Furthermore, this instrument also has an aerosol management system to eliminate the emission of aerosols generated during operation, and can be used to sort infected samples as the entire instrument is contained in a laminar flow biosafety cabinet that is certified annually.

The instrument is operated by a qualified, designated operator, and if desired, by an operator wearing a respirator to further decrease the potential for contact with infectious aerosols. For information on scheduling and costs -- as well as project planning -- contact the CVI Research Director (Michael Carlock;; ext. 2-2078), or CVI Director (Ted Ross;

Cellular Core


The Biomarker Core

The Biomarker Core provides services to identify biomarkers for vaccine efficacy and microbial virulence.

For more information, contact CVI at 

Protein Production Core


The Protein Production Core

The Protein Production Core provides services for protein production and protein purification, utilizing an ÄKTA Pure chromatography system from GE Healthcare.

The ÄKTA Pure is available for use with a fee, and can be operated by properly trained individuals that are signed off on. For information training, scheduling, and costs, contact the Research Director (Michael Carlock;; ext. 2-8468).



The Translational Medicine Core

The Translational Medicine Core provides all epidemiological and clinical services during clinical trials.

For more information, contact CVI at

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