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Center for Vaccines and Immunology

Regulated Areas


The Animal Health Research Center (AHRC) at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine is a 74,500 gross square feet (GSF) free‐standing building designed for the study of emerging and zoonotic infectious diseases of humans and other animals.  The AHRC is the centerpiece of the university’s infectious disease research program, serving as a keystone resource for interdisciplinary and intercollegiate work in high containment infectious disease research on the UGA campus.  The specialized BSL‐3‐Ag capabilities will also allow for previously unrealized collaborations between university researchers and colleagues in academia, government, and industry who are involved in infectious disease research and vaccine development.  Additionally, the facility’s resources are well suited to support research on plant pathogens that requires high level biocontainment

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UGA Office of Biosafety   

The Office of Biosafety oversees use of biohazardous materials that may harm humans, animals, plants or the environment, and manages the compliance activities of the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). It also administers the Select Agent and Toxin Program (SAP) for UGA’s main campus facilities.

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