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The Dog Doctors Youth Outreach Program

Animal Doc | A Site just for kids!

(Grades 6-8)

Please ask your parent or another adult to look at these pages with you.

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« Canines & Felines (Dogs & Cats)

« Exotic Animals (Exotic Pets, Wildlife & Zoo Life)

« Poultry (Chickens, Ducks, Quail, Turkeys, etc.)

« Ruminants (Cows, Goats, Llamas, Sheep, etc.)

« Equine (Horses, Donkeys, etc.)

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Animal Doc was originally developed by Dr. Mac Smith for the Large Animal Medicine Department at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Funding was provided by a grant to Drs. Jim Moore and Mac Smith: "Awards in Research, Service and Teaching: Development of a web-based outreach program for middle school children" 1999-2001.

Dr. Smith is now working with The Glass Horse Project.


  • dog behavior — Nancy Gerstenfels, MS
  • worms — Dr. Susan Little
  • spay and neuter — Dr. Karen Cornell
  • country cats — Dr. Coretta Patterson
  • exotics — Dr. G. Heather Wilson
  • poultry — Dr. Jean Sander
  • cattle — Dr. James (Jim) Brett
  • sheep and goats — Dr. Lisa Williamson
  • llama — Drs. Tracie Daniels and Julie Ekedahl
  • horse surgery — Drs. Doug Allen, Randy Eggleston, Bill Hay, Jim Moore, Eric Mueller, Andy Parks, Bill Rhoads, and Cynthia Trim
  • Paco — Dr. Randy Eggleston

Animal Doc was originally adapted for use on The Dog Doctors website by Timalynn M. Matthews and Lois Klesa Morrison.


Last Updated April 10, 2007

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