Livestock Veterinary Medical & Education Center

Tifton Food Animal ServicesThe livestock haul-in facility located at the Tifton Veterinary Diagnostic and Investigational Laboratory provides for more efficient provisions of veterinary health services to rural Georgia cattle owners and expands the training opportunities for veterinary students in rural practice.
Embryo transfer and IVF
Services available include:

  • Specialized bovine reproductive management services
  • Cattle embryo transfer services
  • In vitro fertilization
  • Reproductive exams
  • Foot care
  • Laparoscopic AI for sheep
  • Dehorning show cattle
  • Routine clinical services
  • Continuing education offerings for local veterinarians

Food Animal Medicine Field Services

The production medicine services available for cattle and dairy operations include treating illnesses, evaluation management practices, nutrition, environmental factors and genetics to help improve overall quality, productivity and profitability of herds in Georgia.
Tifton Food Animal Field ServicesBreeding soundness
Specific services include:

  • Bull breeding soundness exams
  • Evaluating herd management practices
  • Reproductive evaluations
  • Infectious disease outbreak investigations
  • Herd improvement strategies

For more information on our full range of haul-in and field services or to schedule an appointment please contact:

Dr. Angie McDaniel
Phone: (229) 339-1413
Email: [email protected]

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