Ensuring the humane care and responsible use of laboratory animals

The Laboratory Animal Medicine Program (LAMP) is a division of the Department of Population Health and is the academic home for the college’s laboratory animal medicine specialists. This team works to advance scientific knowledge and improve the health and well being of humans and other animals while ensuring the humane care and responsible use of laboratory animals. They also offer a residency program for those interested in expanding their knowledge in this area.

In biomedical research, experimental animals have enormous importance as models for predicting behavior, health, and disease or for gaining information regarding basic biologic processes. Scientific, legal and ethical considerations have prompted comprehensive and rigorous standards for the handling, care and use of experimental animals. The veterinarians in the lab animal program are experts in the needs and healthcare of a wide variety of animal species in research settings.

Research and Service

A key part of LAMP’s research activities is providing expertise to scientists in developing and refining their experimental animal models, and in some cases participating in collaborative research projects.

Independent research in laboratory animal medicine (comparative medicine) includes the development of animal models of human or animal disease, investigations into infectious diseases of laboratory animals, improved handling and care of research animals, computer modeling, procedural and surgical techniques, anesthesia and analgesia, and animal nutrition.

LAMP’s primary service role for the University of Georgia is extended through their responsibilities in the administration of the AAALAC-accredited University Research Animal Resources. In this role, our faculty veterinarians provide medical care for laboratory animals and oversee their proper housing and husbandry. They advise and train researchers and technicians on humane methods of animal experimentation, including appropriate surgical techniques, animal restraint, and use of anesthetics and analgesics.

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University Research Animal Resources

URAR partners with researchers to ensure optimal animal well-being and compliance with campus policies and federal regulations concerning the care and use of laboratory animals.

Animal Resources

The College’s animal resources unit is passionate about promoting and providing optimal laboratory animal care and use as well as high-quality support services through professional management, education, and training.

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