Important information – read first

Only state and federal wildlife agencies who are members of SCWDS can submit wildlife cases for diagnostic evaluation. Private citizens, including rehabilitation facilities, must first contact their state wildlife agency to discuss sick or dying wildlife of concern. The agency will determine the course of action, including whether the carcass(es) or samples will be submitted to SCWDS. Agency personnel should directly submit the samples to SCWDS and all communications from SCWDS regarding the submission will be directly with the submitting agency. 

Note. We do not accept submissions from animals that have been in captivity for more than 24 hours.

Step 1

Agency personnel should email ([email protected]) or call (706-542-1741) SCWDS to consult a diagnostician prior to shipment.

Step 2

Complete a submission form.

Submission Form

Provide as detailed information as possible regarding the samples.

Step 3

Please follow shipping instructions.

Shipping instructions

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