Mohamed Bakheet

My research interests are at the intersection of mathematical modelling, numerical analysis and computing. My research addresses some or all of the following: modelling vegetation patterns, epidemiological models of emerging diseases, numerical techniques for solving differential equations and data science.

Johannes Matse

My name is Johannes Matse born and raised in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Hobbies are Baseball, my dog, reading and gaming. Education Bachelors at the Hogeschool van Utrecht Masters at the Radboud University, Nijmegen PhD at Academic Center for Dentistry (ACTA)/Vrij University Amsterdam

Marianna Agudelo

Marianna obtained a B.S. in Biology, with a minor in German, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2016. She then completed her PhD studies at Rockefeller University in the lab of Michel Nussenzweig, describing the antibody response to tick-borne flaviviruses. Following her interest in the immunology of infectious diseases, […]

Xiaojian Zhang

Dr. Zhang received his Ph.D. in preventive veterinary medicine and M.S. in clinical veterinary medicine from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Yangzhou University. Additionally, he also holds a B.A. in veterinary medicine, which he obtained in 2007. Since graduating, Dr. Zhang has held a number of positions at research […]

Weitong Chen

Brent Simpson

Dong An

My research focuses on vaccine development using paramyxovirus-based viral vectors, virus assembly, paramyxovirus VLP study, paramyxovirus fusion protein structure and function, and virus-promoted membrane fusion.

Harrison Bergeron

My primary research interest is elucidating mechanisms by which pathogens interfere with host immune responses and induce immune mediated disease to inform rational, novel biological countermeasure design

Bradley Voss

Nichole Orr-Burks

Aaron Gingerich

My research interests surround characterizing and devising novel strategies to combat viral/bacterial co-infections. Currently my research focuses on the bacteria Streptococcus pneumoniae and its synergistic interactions with Influenza virus, RSV and hMPV.

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