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Ophthalmic Surgery 2016

Ophthalmic Surgery 2016

Sun, August 07, 2016 - Sun, August 07, 2016

This course will cover indications, principles, techniques and instrumentation for common ophthalmic surgeries performed in general practice, including eyelid procedures, prolapsed gland of the nictitating membrane replacement and enucleation. The wet lab will provide a small group setting with demonstrations, instruction and hands-on practice using cadavers. Covered procedures include: eyelid tacking sutures, tarsorrhaphy, Hotz-Celsus entropion correction, eyelid mass excision/laceration repair, prolapsed gland of the nictitating membrane replacement (pocket technique or orbital rim tacking), grid keratotomy or diamond burr corneal polishing, enucleation (transpalpebral or transconjunctival). This course provides 4 hours for lecture only and 8 hours for lab and lecture. 

The Lecture and Lab item for this course is full. Registration for Lecture Only is still available

Maximum Capacity: 32

Event Agenda

Sunday, August 7, 2016

8:00-8:30 Continental breakfast and registration - Sponsored by An-Vision 
8:30-9:20 Ophthalmic surgery in general practice - Equipment / instrumentation and surgical preparation; anesthetic considerations - Katie Diehl
9:20-10:10 Eyelid procedures - Kate Myrna
10:10-10:25 Refreshment Break 
10:25-11:15 Cherry eye: when to try, when to refer and when to give up - Katie Diehl
11:15-12:05 Enucleations: troubleshooting common problems - Kate Myrna
12:05-1:00 * Dismissal for Lecture attendees only
* Lunch for Lab attendees only - Sponsored by Stokes
1:00-5:00 Wet Lab - Sponsored by Universal Surgical (Scrubs are recommended)
* Eyelid tacking sutures
* Tarsorrhaphy
* Hotz-
celsus entropion correction
* Eyelid mass excision and laceration repair
* Prolapsed gland of the nictitating membrane replacement
* Grid keratotomy and diamond burr corneal polishing
* Enucleation

Event Fees

Lecture and Lab- FULL $250
Lecture Only $95
This Course Provides 8 CE Hours  

Event Sponsors

Event Speakers

Katie Diehl


Kate Myrna


Contact Information

Contact: Melissa Kilpatrick

Additional Information

*Please being scrubs for the wet lab*

Event Location

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Travel Information

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Event Hotels

1197 South Lumpkin Street  * 800.884.1381​
Block Code: 86965
197 East Broad Street 706-549-4433  
Block Code:  VET
513 West Broad Street  * 706-546-8122
390 Washington Street  * 706.363.9948
500 College Avenue * 706.546.0430
166 North Finley Street  * 706.369.7000 

*Registration fee includes: continental breakfast, refreshment breaks, lunch, and instructional materials.

Refund/Cancellation Policy:

  • Non-Lab Conference: Refunds are available for cancellations made by 5 p.m. ET, 10 days prior to the beginning of your event.
  • Wet Lab Conference: Refunds are available for cancellations made by 5 p.m., 45 days prior to the beginning of your event.
  • If a course is cancelled for any reason, the CVM will not be responsible for any charges related to travel.
  • For courtesy and liability reasons, we prohibit children and domestic animals (except working animals, e.g., guide dogs) at our CE conferences.
  • Each conference participant may receive mail from companies or individuals who have obtained names and addresses from course registrations as permitted by the Georgia Open Records Act.

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