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Food Animal

Our Milk Quality Laboratory

The FAHMP Milk Quality Laboratory is a service and teaching laboratory that performs bacteriologic cultures for dairies in Georgia or neighboring states.

We offer the following:

  • Individual cow clinical mastitis culture
  • Individual cow sub-clinical mastitis culture
  • Contagious pathogen screening (including Mycoplasma)
  • Bulk Tank milk bacteria counts
  • Colostrum bacteria counts
  • Calf milk bacteria counts


How to collect cow and bulk tank milk samples for bacterial culture

Milk Quality Assurance

We can also perform the following Milk Quality Assurance audits:

  • Milking system wash-up performance analysis
  • Milking system airflow analysis
  • Milking routine and parlor throughput evaluation
  • Teat end scoring
  • Bulk tank cooling analysis
  • Pasteurizer temperature analysis

If you would like more information on how milk cultures can help your operation, pricing, or how to submit milk samples for culture, please contact Dr. Emmanuel Rollin (, cell phone 706.202.7821).

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