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When you choose to give to the College Of Veterinary Medicine, you are not only helping students and pets, but you are helping improve healthcare science for everyone.

  • Dr. Steeve Giguère Memorial Fund

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    To honor Dr. Steeve Giguère’s legacy, his family, friends, and colleagues are establishing an endowed professorship in his name as an enduring tribute to his contributions to the UGA CVM and the entire veterinary profession.

  • College of Veterinary Medicine Scholarship Fund

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  • Charles N. Dobbins Food Animal Graduate Fellowship Endowment Fund

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  • Cancer Research And Treatment

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    Help us research and treat cancer!

  • The Aquatic Animal Health Support Fund

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    Support aquatic animal health programs!

  • Wildlife Treatment Fund

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    Help treat wildlife brought to the college.

  • Small Animal Spaying & Neutering Fund

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    This fund provides funding for the spaying and neutering of small animals of indigent clients and the spaying and neutering of shelter animals that have been or will be adopted.

  • Sundown Surgery Fund

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    Help indigent pet owners provide life-saving care to their pets.

  • Annie's Oncology Support Fund

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    Help fight cancer in companion animals.

  • The Large Animal Hospital Client Support Fund


    The Large Animal Hospital Client Support Fund's mission is to provide financial support to clients who have a patient in the Large Animal Hospital who are unable to afford care for the animal.

  • The G.R.A.C.E. Fund

    canine GIVE NOW!

    The G.R.A.C.E. Fund is designed to help hospital clients who have demonstrated the need for financial assistance to cover the costs for medical procedures for their dogs.

  • For the Love of the Horse

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    Supports research and treatment of colic and/or laminities, or general large animal research.

  • Support the Dermatology Service

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    Join us in the fight against skin allergies, infections and auto-immune diseases.

  • Cardiology Support Fund

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    This fund supports the UGA faculty, staff and/or students' activities, projects, and programs for the Cardiology Service through the Department of Small Animal Medicine.

  • Companion Animal Fund

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    The mission of this fund is to use all the resources available within the College to advance knowledge, which will in turn increase our ability to protect health, heal illness and understand diseases.

  • Nicky Fund for Canine Cancer Research

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    The purpose of the Nicky Fund is to provide funding for research and/or equipment used in treating cancer in dogs at the College of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital.

  • Bricks and Horseshoes

    vmlc GIVE NOW!

    Purchase a brick or horseshoe plaque as a memorial for or to honor a beloved pet, a friend of animals, or your veterinarian.

  • The Horton Trust for the Office for Academic Affairs

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    The purpose of the Horton Trust is to support student activities through the Office for Academic Affairs within the College of Veterinary Medicine.

  • The Class of 1988 Scholarship Fund

    endowed GIVE NOW!

    The DVM Class of 1988 is soliciting donations to create a named scholarship endowment for deserving DVM students.

  • Class of 1958 — Sidney A. Ewing Graduate Scholarship Fund

    scholarships GIVE NOW!

    The purpose of this fund is to establish an endowed graduate scholarship honoring Sidney A. Ewing and the College of Veterinary Medicine Class of 1958. 

  • Dilmus Blackmon Scholarship Fund

    scholarships GIVE NOW!

    This scholarship honors Dr. Dilmus Blackmon (DVM ’56).  This scholarship will benefit a veterinary student with a concentration in equine medicine or large animal mixed practice.

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