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We’re on the cutting edge defining what veterinary – and human – medicine can be. The hands-on research that’s going on every day at the CVM will save lives of animals and people and improve global health. Your support for our research program will help ensure that we solve today’s global challenges.

Support Research

Ways to make an impact

Faculty endowments

Endowed faculty support funds are valuable because of their flexibility. Funding can be used to assist with faculty travel, buy research equipment, supplement salary, and more. It can also be used to bolster assistantships, attracting promising students and enhancing the faculty member's impact on students and the research enterprise.

DVM-PhD program

The CVM's Veterinary Medical Scientist Training dual DVM-PhD program is designed to enhance the career development of students with an interest in science, veterinary research, and graduate education by pursuing a DVM and a PhD concurrently.

Clinical research

Clinical trials are often conducted as part of the development of new medications, procedures, or therapies. This is the end-stage testing to determine the safety and degree of effectiveness for new drugs or treatments before FDA approval.