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Graduate Programs

Welcome To CVM Graduate Programs

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  • Public Health Veterinarians address public health issues.
  • They respond to the myriad of new/emerging zoonotic diseases.
  • Public health fields include: epidemiology, environmental health, global health, infectious disease investigation and control, and homeland security relating to the veterinary field.
  • Public Health Veterinarians research zoonotic diseases, future disease threats, or threats to our global food system.
  • Read about our DVM-MPH program.
  • Download our DVM-MPH program brochure.

Key Contacts

Dr. Kaori Sakamoto
Director of Graduate Programs for MS-CBS, PhD-CBS
College of Veterinary Medicine
Phone: 706.542.5844

Dr. Kelsey Hart
Director of the DVM-PhD Program
College of Veterinary Medicine
Phone: 706.542.3223

Mumbi A. Okundaye
MPH Program Coordinator
College of Public Health
Phone: 706.583.0059
Fax: 706.542.6730

Mary Hondalus
DVM-MPH Dual Degree Coordinator
College of Veterinary Medicine
Phone: 706.542.8076


University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine
501 D.W. Brooks Drive
Athens, GA 30602

Phone: 706.542.8310
Fax: 706.542.0051