Libby Siedell headshot

Libby Siedell

Libby serves as a medical illustrator for Educational Resources. She received her BA in Biological and Pre-Medical Illustration from Iowa State University, after which she earned her MA in Biological and Medical Illustration from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Department of Art as Applied to Medicine. There, she […]

Megan Reeves headshot

Megan Reeves

Megan Reeves Sifuentes, like many in this field, started out as a curious kid with a love for exploring the world and drawing what she found. As a career choice, applying artistic skill to the field of scientific education felt like the perfect choice. Megan earned her BFA in Scientific […]

Jenna Foster headshot

Jenna Foster

Jenna received her BFA in Painting from Southwestern University’s Sarofim School of Fine Arts, in Texas, in 2012. Over the next few years, she wore many different creative hats within the advertising and commercial print worlds. After spending time volunteering in local conservation efforts, she realized that science was the […]

Eli Ensor headshot

Eli Ensor

Eli Ensor joined Educational Resources in 2022 as a medical illustrator. After attending Emory University, Eli earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in Scientific Illustration from the University of Georgia. He then moved to Chicago where he completed the Biomedical Illustration MS program a\t the University of Illinois – Chicago. […]

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