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Dogs & Cats

Caring for your furry friends

The small animal side of our veterinary teaching hospital operates very similarly to a human specialty referral center. Each medical field listed below has its own team of doctors and nurses. These teams have received advanced training in managing and treating diseases within their area of specialty, which allows them to offer you expert advice and advanced treatment options for your pet. This is also why many of our small animal services require a referral from your primary care veterinarian before you can make an appointment. While each of our services do operate independently, they also work collaboratively together, consulting with one another to ensure all of your pet’s medical needs are met.

How we can help

Emergency and Critical Care

SMALL ANIMAL EMERGENCY SERVICE UPDATE: We are open and here for your emergent needs.…

Behavioral Medicine

Treatment and solutions for animal problem behaviors


Treating issues involving the heart and cardiovascular system


Caring for your pet from tip to tail

Internal Medicine

Providing treatment for diseases of the organ systems

Interventional Radiology

Minimally invasive procedures to treat systemic problems


Caring for brain, spinal, nerve and muscle-based disorders


We are currently accepting new patients located within the State of Georgia.


Your partner in the war on cancer


Caring for your pet's unique eye needs


Treating injuries and diseases that impact your pet's daily mobility

Physical Rehabilitation

Improving your pet's overall quality of life

Soft Tissue Surgery

Offering advanced surgical techniques and wound care

Reproductive Medicine

From pre-pregnancy management to birthing assistance and everything in between