Providing surgical treatment for a wide variety of soft tissue and orthopedic issues in horses

Our highly specialized team of board-certified surgeons, anesthesiologists, veterinary technicians, residents and interns provide expertise and state-of-the-art surgical treatment and care for a wide variety of soft tissue and orthopedic issues in horses, including advanced techniques in minimally invasive surgery. Our facility also has separate surgery suites for orthopedic, soft tissue, colic and standing surgeries.

Procedures we specialize in include:

Soft Tissue
  • Colic and abdominal surgery
  • Tendon and ligament surgery, including check ligament surgery (club foot)
  • Wound and laceration repair
  • Upper respiratory surgery such as tie back for laryngeal hemiplegia (roarers) and tie forward for dorsal displacement of the soft palate
  • Dermatologic, cryosurgery and laser surgery for the removal of sarcoids and other skin tumors
  • Neurectomy
  • Reproductive surgery, including ovariectomy and castration and cryptorchid surgery
  • Arthroscopic surgery
  • Fracture repair
  • Developmental orthopedic disease surgery for angular limb deformities and osteochondritis dissecans (OCD)
  • Foot surgery for infections, deformities and diseases

Biological therapies such as IRAP, PRP, Stromal Vascular Fraction and Bone Marrow concentrate are also available for soft tissue and orthopedic use.

Minimally Invasive / Standing Surgeries
  • Laser assisted endoscopies and upper airway surgeries
  • Ovariectomy
  • Thoracoscopy
  • Nephrosplenic ablation

How to apply a lower limb bandage

If your horse has had a leg injury or surgery on its lower leg, we may recommend for you to keep it bandaged. This video gives step by step instructions on how to apply that bandage. As always, there are different materials that can be used and slight variations to what is shown here. If you have any questions, please contact our hospital or your veterinarian for guidance.

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