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Making a referral

Our hospital is primarily a referral institution. What this means is that for the majority of our services, clients must be referred to us from another veterinary practice before they can make an appointment.

Cora Miller Small Animal Hospital Referrals (for cats, dogs, exotic animals and wildlife)

Please complete our online referral form if you would like to make a referral to one of our small animal specialty services. You can also call us at 706-542-3221 if you would prefer to make your referral by phone. Thanks, and we look forward to serving you.

Large Animal Hospital Referrals (for horses, cattle and other farm animals)

For large animal referrals, veterinarians can call (706) 542-3223. Please be prepared to provide a detailed case history at the time of making the referral.

Behavioral Medicine Referrals (for dogs and cats)

Please complete our online referral form if you would like to make a referral to our Behavioral Medicine Service. You can also call us at 706-542-1984 if you prefer to make your referral by phone. Thanks, and we look forward to serving you.

Clinical Nutrition Referrals

We are currently accepting new patients located within the State of Georgia.

Our Clinical Nutrition Service provides telemedicine consultations for dogs and cats of all life stages that may be experiencing long term, chronic medical issues that can be better supported with nutritional guidance, as well as healthy pets.

Once you complete the referral form, please have your client contact us for additional information on how to schedule their telemedicine appointment.

Clinical Nutrition Referral Form

Sending Medical Records

In order to accurately schedule and streamline your patient’s visit, it is imperative that we receive full medical records including imaging, bloodwork, and doctor’s exam or medical notes. Click here to send records (link opens an email to [email protected]). Please include the Patient’s Name and service you are referring them to on the subject line. If you have any issues or need assistance, please contact Medical Records at 706-542-5000.

Following Up on a Previously Referred Patient

We understand that many cases that come to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital require long term care and assistance. If you would like to follow-up with one of our clinicians on your patient’s most recent labwork or progress exam, please email a copy to [email protected]. To help expedite a return response from a clinician, please provide a summary report of how the patient is currently doing and any medication(s) or treatment(s) being performed, as well as the best form of contact for you. It is important to note that most return calls are handled after appointments and procedures have concluded for the day, therefore email is the suggested method for communication.

Requesting a consult

One of our missions as a teaching hospital is to be a resource for other veterinarians throughout the state and nation. To request a consultation, please follow the below instructions.


Please fill out our online form to request a consultation. One of our Dermatologists will contact you to discuss this consult typically within 24-72 business hours. This consult form is used for doctor-to-doctor communications only.


Please fill out the below form and submit relevant clinical data (blood test results, cytology reports, histology reports) so that we may provide you with recommendations regarding your patient.

Oncology Consult Form

All other small animal services

Veterinarians wishing to  request a consultation from any of our other small animal services should call (706) 542-5362.

Horses, cattle and other farm animals

Veterinarians wishing to request a consultation from our large animal hospital can call (706) 542-3223.

Online Medical Records Portal

Our online portal allows veterinarians to access medical record information for patients that have been referred to our hospital. This includes test results, diagnostic images, discharge reports, etc. It is structured on a clinic level, so each veterinary clinic only needs one username and password. Once a clinic’s registration is confirmed, anyone from that clinic can login to see medical record information for their patients. Please note that the portal only shows information for discharged patients. If you have a question about a patient that is currently under our care, please call us at 706-542-3221.

Clinical Trial Opportunities

Clinical trials are where patient care and innovation intersect. They allow us to offer our patients unique treatment options while simultaneously advancing the field of veterinary medicine. Please review our full listing of clinical trial opportunities to see if there is a study available that may be a good fit for one of your patients. If you have any questions about a study, or have a patient you would like to recommend, please contact our clinical research coordinator, Lisa Reno, at 706.296.7818 or [email protected].

UGA Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories

The college’s diagnostic laboratories operate separately from our teaching hospital. If you are trying to reach either the Athens or Tifton Lab to submit a test, ask a question, or inquire about necropsies, please contact them directly by calling (706) 542-5568.

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