Because the health of your animal's mouth matters

Dental health isn’t just for people! It also impacts the health and quality of life of our animals. For horses, prevention is the key to proper dental management. Horse owners should plan on having a veterinarian perform a thorough dental exam every 6 months.

You should also be on the lookout for warning signs of dental disease. This may include fussing over the bit, being head shy, dropping feed, sinus discharge, foul odor, loss of body condition / wasting, drooling, swelling around the mouth / mandible, etc.

If you suspect your horse may have a dental problem, we can help. Our hospital has as a board-certified equine dental specialist that offers both in-hospital and on-the-farm procedures. These include:

  • Intraoral and extraoral extractions of diseased teeth
  • Root canal treatment
  • Facial fracture repair
  • Treatment of sinusitis
  • Tumor evaluation, assessment and management
  • Composite restorations of defective teeth
  • And more!

We’re UGA Vet Med, and our

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