Exotic Animals

Specialized care for a special category of pets

Our zoological medicine service cares for all species of exotic, zoo and aquatic animals. Our doctors and staff have advanced training in handling these unique animals in addition to highly specialized equipment and treatment options to meet your exotic pet’s unique needs. We see ANY exotic species, from birds and snakes to turtles and fish, and we are the only clinical service in Georgia with recognized specialists in all exotic pet species.


We offer:

  • Dedicated exotic animal receiving and ward areas
  • The safest anesthetic protocols and sophisticated, modern monitoring equipment
  • Digital radiography, fluoroscopy, ultrasonography, scintigraphy, CT and 3T MRI
  • Minimally-invasive endoscopic (key-hole) and microsurgical techniques to reduce pain and promote faster recovery
  • Large pharmacy and modern therapeutic modalities, including vacuum-assisted wound closure, radiation and chemotherapy
  • Full pathology and laboratory support services on-site

We also see primates, large carnivores, and venomous animals and provide a visiting field service to aviaries, zoos, pet-shops, and other collections.

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