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Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Your First Appointment

Thank you for choosing to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital for the care of your animal. We hope the information below will help you prepare for your first appointment. 


Q. Are there any special feeding instructions for my pet?

If there are any special feeding instructions for your pet, you will be informed at the time you make the appointment.

Q. What should I bring with me to the appointment?

You should bring any medical records and/or radiographs that your referring veterinarian has not sent to us. Check with your veterinarian a few days prior to your appointment to see if you need to pick up anything from the veterinarian’s office to bring to us. Also, bring any medicine your pet takes currently.

If your pet is brought in on emergency for ingesting a foreign body or non-prescribed medicine, bring a sample if possible so the VTH clinician can assess the substance.

Q. Can I bring other animals with me in addition to the one with the appointment?

The University of Georgia Veterinary Teaching Hospital encourages all clients to only bring with them the animal that is being seen at the Hospital. However, if you need to bring an additional pet with you for any reason, we request that you bring it inside with you, as temperatures in vehicles can rise quickly. Leaving animals unattended in vehicles, especially during the hotter months of the year, is not recommended.

Q. Is there any additional information I need to know?

All dogs should be on a leash; other pets should be in a secure enclosure. Also, if your animal needs to spend the night in the Hospital, we do have set visitation hours. Please see our Visitation Policy for more information. 


Q. What should I do when I arrive?

Check in at the admissions desk. You may be asked to confirm or update all relevant information, including your name, your pet’s name, the service you are seeing, your address, phone numbers and email address.

Q. What is a client team? Who is included?

A client team is a group of individuals who are dedicated to the care of your pet during their appointment. The team typically includes:

  • A Registered Veterinary Technician, or RVT, which is similar to a nurse in human medicine
  • A fourth-year veterinary student
  • An Intern (a veterinarian who is continuing his/her education)
  • A Resident (a veterinarian who is specializing in an area of veterinary medicine)
  • A Faculty Member ( a veterinarian who is a member of our faculty and who oversees the team)

Q. What can I do while I wait?

There are many places to see and things to do within minutes of our hospital. Please download our Guide to Athens for some suggestions.

While you explore, please be available by phone so the clinician or student may reach you for questions.

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