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Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Making A Referral

Veterinarians wishing to refer a case to the Teaching Hospital can contact one of our client care team members for assistance. Please be prepared to provide a detailed case history at the time of making the referral.

Small Animal Hospital Referrals

Dial 800.861.7456 or 706.542.5362 (for cats, dogs, exotic animals and wildlife)
Directory shortcuts:

  • If you have an emergency referral, press 1. 
  • For soft tissue surgery, oncology or anesthesia, press 2. 
  • For orthopedics, neurology or rehab, press 3. 
  • For cardiology, internal medicine or ophthalmology, press 4. 
  • For dermatology, exotics or wildlife, press 5. 
  • For medical records, press 6. 
  • For all other inquires, press 7. 

You can also fill out this Referral Form and fax it to 706.357.0084.

Large Animal Hospital Referrals

Dial 706.542.3223 (for horses, cattle and other farm animals)

Learn more about our referral policy.

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