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Veterinary Teaching Hospital

About Us | Anesthesiology

The Anesthesia Service of the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital provides services for large, small and exotic animals for medical, surgical, diagnostic, emergency, and therapeutic procedures. This includes general anesthesia, sedation, and pain management consultation. We provide the only board-certified anesthesiologists in Georgia.

Our primary goal within the anesthesia service is to provide exceptional, multi-modal general anesthesia and pain management to all patients. General anesthetic techniques include total intravenous protocols, as well as a combination of injectable and inhalant anesthesia. When appropriate, local nerve blocks, epidurals and continuous intravenous infusions of various analgesic drugs are incorporated to minimize the discomfort of our patients and improve their overall experience while in the hospital. Our team of doctors and technicians regularly consult current studies regarding new and improved anesthetic and pain management techniques. New recommendations for improved patient care are continually shared and discussed between collaborating services, to the ultimate goal of improving the well-being of our patients.

Our service has the distinct honor of facilitating procedures for almost every other service in the hospital. We foster a collaborative relationship with surgery, internal medicine, neurology, oncology, emergency/critical care, cardiology, radiology and zoo/exotics medicine. This unique position allows us to work with a great variety of patients. From 2,000-pound rodeo bulls to 100-gram cockatiels, our skills must cover a wide range of techniques.

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