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Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Small Animal Rehabilitation Service

The UGA Small Animal Rehabilitation Service is dedicated to using rehabilitation to improve the quality of life of our patients. To make an appointment with this service, a referral from your veterinarian is required. Learn more about our appointment process

What to expect: A client’s first visit will be a consult with our Certified Rehab Practitioner, Jodi Seidel. After reviewing the pet’s history, Jodi will do a thorough exam to get baseline measurements on range of motion, balance, gait, muscle mass, etc. Then, she will discuss patient goals and develop a personalized rehab plan for your pet. This will include recommendations for both in-house rehabilitation and at-home exercises. Once a plan has been created, the treatment can begin.

Possible treatment options include (but are not limited to):

  • Underwater treadmill therapy
  • Low level laser therapy
  • Balance and therapeutic exercises
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Therapeutic ultrasound

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