Alteration in Normal Blood Flow
Abnormal blood flow resulting in eddy currents, turbulence or blood stasis disrupts the laminar flow of blood, bringing platelets in close contact with the vascular wall. If coagulation factors are activated, they may not be cleared as quickly if there is stasis or turbulence. Turbulence may cause endothelial injury resulting in release of tissue factor.

Adult canine heartworms can cause endothelial damage and at the same time cause turbulence when large numbers occupy the right heart and pulmonary arteries. What might happen?

Fettucine anybody?

Venous stasis is a common cause of thrombosis, particularly in humans. Any partial or complete occlusion or compression of venous return can result in thrombosis.
Cardiac anomalies or cardiac valvular dysfunction create turbulence that may result in thrombosis.
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