Augusta Animal Services – Shelter Veterinarian


Job Type: Veterinarian

Work Type: Government

Business Name: Augusta Animal Services

City: Augusta

State: Georgia

Start Date: 2022-05-02

Contact Name: James H. Hill III

Contact Email: [email protected]

Contact Phone: (706) 790-6836

About the Job
This is an excellent opportunity for a challenge-ready veterinarian that is looking to have an impact in the community while seeing the results almost immediately. Augusta Animal Services admits over 4000 dogs and cats into its open admission shelter annually. The ideal person for this position will need to be flexible and not adverse to working in an environment that can change daily.

Augusta Animal Services operates a municipal animal shelter that requires a unique skill set to thrive. There is very little interaction with the general public, if any, unlike in general practice. Additionally, one of the main focuses is shelter medicine and maintaining a healthy environment for the pets that we house on a daily basis. It is highly desired that the candidate either has experience working in a fast-paced spay/neuter clinic or someone that can successfully perform at least 80 spays/neuters per month with one assistant. However, we are willing to allow the right candidate to work their way up to this desired number.

The main job duties for this position are as follows:
Spay and neuter animals: Performs necessary surgical alterations and procedures as needed. Oversees pre-and post-operative care of animals undergoing spay/neuter procedures.
Provides diagnostic and medical treatment for animals: Performs basic examinations, diagnoses, specific animal treatment regimens, and monitoring of treatments as needed along with emergency triage and stabilization from sick/injured animals. Administers rabies vaccinations of adoptable animals and animals returned to owner following impound. Maintains accurate and thorough record keeping of medications and treatments for each individual animal.
Ensures medical supplies are adequate: Inventories and orders drugs, medical supplies, and equipment. Oversees the maintenance of surgical equipment and of health care clinics.
Advises Director on shelter issues relating to animals: Assists with the development of policies, procedures, and protocols, which relate to the veterinary needs of animals in care, to include disease prevention. Makes recommendations on shelter disease management protocols, sanitation, and procedures.
Ensures staff is trained appropriately on various aspects of kennel procedures: Provides training to Animal Services personnel in first aid, disease recognition, and prevention. Annually certifies staff to euthanize animals according to Department of Agriculture requirements.
Assists Animal Control Officers: Identifies animal cruelty, consults during cruelty investigations and provides expert witness testimony. Supplies a high level of medical care to neglected/abused animals and ensures thorough documentation of medical findings for criminal prosecution of perpetrators. Conducts observations of animals involved in bite cases while undergoing quarantine to ensure compliance with state Rabies regulations.
Performs other duties of a similar nature or level.

Benefits Include:
Paid vacation, sick, and holiday leave.
Medical, Dental, Vision, Life insurance, Long-Term Insurance.
Government Retirement Plan.
Flexible hours.
Public Student Loan Forgiveness Eligibility.
Department-funded Continuing Education.
Newly purchased equipment.
Opportunities to work with veterinarian interns and give back to the profession.

If you are interested in this unique position and wish to discuss it further, please contact the Animal Services Director, James H. Hill III, at 706-790-6836 ext. 1365.

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