Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services – Veterinarian


Job Type: Veterinarian

Work Type: Small Animal Only

Business Name: Bibb County Sheriff's Office Animal Services

City: Macon

State: Alabama

Start Date: 2022-04-27

Contact Name: Jenika Taylor or Tracey Weathers

Contact Email: [email protected]

Contact Phone: (478) 310-4143

The position of Veterinarian will be responsible for primarily consist of examining animals, diagnosing any problems, and treating any health issues.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Develops and continually evaluates shelter medical protocols.
Evaluates and determines the disposition of incoming animals.
Test and certify Animal Services staff to become Certified Lay Personnel.
Ensures all shelter animals receive appropriate and timely medical care.
Provide health certificates for animals being transported across State lines.
Provides vaccinations and microchip insertions for shelter and client animals.
Perform spay and neuter surgeries on shelter and client animals.
Oversees the maintenance of shelter drug and supply inventory while meeting and maintaining DEA requirements.
Prescribes medications as needed.
Maintains detailed medical records in Chameleon; enters medical notes in a timely manner.
Communicates with fosters, volunteers, and potential adopters when necessary.
Assesses the quality of life of shelter and client animals and performs medical euthanasians when necessary.
Provides input on behavioral euthanasia decisions and performs behavioral euthanasians when necessary.
Ensures the quality of animal care and the cleanliness of the shelter facility are maintained at a high standard.
Participates in community outreach events such as wellness clinics, microchip clinics, and public spay/neuter clinics.
Is readily available to address emergencies arising with the care of shelter animals.
Provide written statements for Animal Services, the District Attorney, and Law Enforcement Officials concerning cases and legal matters.
Perform basic necropsies and testify in court as to their findings.
Perform decapitations for rabies testing protocols.
Provide guidance to the Public Health Department as needed to include participation on the Dangerous/Vicious Dog Board.
Serve as a resource to assist shelter staff and the public with animal health related issues.
Other duties as assigned by the Sheriff, Chief Deputy, Colonel or Division Head.
Education, Training and Experience
A Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from an accredited college of veterinary medicine. Must be qualified and eligible to obtain DEA license. Maintenance of malpractice insurance. Licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the State of Georgia. Experience practicing veterinary medicine preferred.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Ability to safely handle animals declared vicious, on bite quarantine or stray.
Ability to communicate well to a varied audience.
Complies with all Federal, State and Local codes, ordinances and regulations applicable to an animal shelter.
Be knowledgeable and able to assist Emergency Management Officials in a time of natural disaster or crisis.

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