Greenville Mobile Equine Service, PA – Associate Veterinarian Wanted


Job Type: Veterinarian

Work Type: Equine Only

Business Name: Greenville Mobile Equine Service, PA

City: Greenville

State: Pennsylvania

Start Date: 2023-05-02

Contact Name: Linda Balot, DVM

Contact Email: [email protected]

Contact Phone: (252) 717-5777

Are you thinking about (or currently in) an internship because you wanted more experience before entering equine practice? Forget that idea and come work with us. We are looking for a young vet to mentor. You will ride with the other 2 vets for months until you feel comfortable going on emergencies, but then you will have a backup vet available. You will learn from a 1996 grad and a 2011 grad. You will have a four day work week and, when ready, share emergency duty. Our office hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday with emergencies only on weekends. You will get to drive a Toyota Tacoma with Bowie unit on the back. We have the typical toys – a wireless and a wired DR units, multiple ultrasounds and powerfloats, 1 m and 3 m endoscopy, and in-house abaxis blood work machines. We have a 3000 square foot clinic to work out of on 10 acres. Our clientele is more backyard owner/pleasure horses with some performance and breeding work. We have one vet currently trained in osteopathy and acupuncture. Salary starts at $75000 for a new grad but we pay base plus commission so typically more. We have an excellent benefit package of health insurance, dental insurance, long term disability, vacation time, AAEP, AVMA and NCVMA dues, NC license fees, CE time, and a SIMPLE Plan for retirement. Also paying $5100 a year towards student loans. We are a family and take our work/life balance seriously. Come play with us at Greenville Mobile Equine Service, PA. Contact [email protected] or 252 717 5777.

We also take externs so you can come check us out, plus we put you to work and give good hands on experience. We are looking now but realistically expect someone to start summer 2024.

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