safe Healthy Pets Happy Pets, Inc. formerly known as S.A.F.E. Saving Animals From Euthanasia, Inc. – Veterinarian Full or Part time


Job Type: Veterinarian

Work Type: Small Animal Only

Business Name: safe Healthy Pets Happy Pets, Inc. formerly known as S.A.F.E. Saving Animals From Euthanasia, Inc.

City: Macon

State: Georgia

Start Date: 2022-05-17

Contact Name: Susan Helton

Contact Email: [email protected]

Contact Phone: (478) 394-1926

My name is Susan Helton and I have a private clinic in Macon, Georgia. I am searching for a veterinarian who would like to join a fantastic group of individuals who love what they do. With our new stationary clinic scheduled to open this spring, we are offering high quality wellness care and affordable spay/neuter surgery.

In 2013, we began with our state of the art 40-foot mobile spay/neuter clinic in the Middle Georgia area and our veterinarians have now performed over 45,000 surgeries to date. We also employ a highly trained support staff who takes pride in the quality of care provided to every animal. Because of that quality-of-care clients receive, our services have always been in high demand (local veterinary clinics refer to us too!), which is why the decision was made to open a new stationary clinic with a unique approach already experiencing success in the west and northeast United States.

Our current full-time veterinarian is experienced in high volume spay/neuter as well as emergency medicine. She is eager to work with/mentor a new graduate who would like to gain experience. We also have two contract veterinarians who work with us. A typical surgical workday with us begins at 9:00 AM. Animals begin checking in at 8:15 AM, which allows time for staff to get every animal weighed and settled in their cages. Our veterinarian performs an exam on each animal and then begins surgery. Once all surgeries are complete, animals are awake and cleared by the veterinarian, the veterinarian can leave for the day. Our current experienced veterinarians will perform 25-30 surgeries per day and typically leave around 3-3:30 PM.

Our projections with wellness care are dependent upon demand as we establish this new area of care for our business. You could be a valuable part of that!

The new clinic (People & Pets Project partnering with safe Healthy Pets Happy Pets) will also offer healthcare at both ends of the leash by partnering with the human medical team from Mercer Medical School. The medical students will come in once a month to our clinic to assess the human patients and provide counseling and assistance for services while our veterinary team provides necessary medical care and spay/neuter to their pets. This unique One Health approach is designed to help owners keep their pets healthy and in the home. We have been very successful with this program utilizing our mobile unit and are excited to bring it to the stationary clinic. It is one of the much-needed community services we provide with our partnering group and one of a kind in Georgia.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our team and possibly visit with us, we would love to have you. The position is open to full-time or part-time for contract or employee status.

Best Regards,
Susan Helton
Owner & Founder
safe Healthy Pets Happy Pets, Inc.

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