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Department of Large Animal Medicine

Combined Residency/Graduate Degree Program

​Students pursuing a combined residency/MS or residency PhD program have a unique challenge; they have to meet the requirements of a rigorous advanced clinical training program while also meeting the requirements of graduate training.  Either endeavor is difficult alone; to pursue both simultaneously requires careful and constant attention to time management with regular guidance from the resident advisor, major professor and advisory committee.

The faculty involved in training graduate students in the Department of Large Animal Medicine suggest the following to students in a combined residency/graduate degree program:

Within the first month of deciding you wish to pursue combined training: Work with your resident advisor and your graduate program advisor (who may or may not be the same person) to identify an advisory committee.  Set up  a meeting with your committee within 6 months of beginning your program to plan your research and to set milestones for accomplishing coursework, research data collection, and writing your manuscripts and thesis. 

  • Go to the University of Georgia Graduate School website and the College of Veterinary Medicine graduate studies website and find all requirements for the program (MS or PhD) you wish to pursue. 
  • Confirm all deadlines for enrollment and milestones such as submission of program of study, prospectus, and thesis, and put them on your calendar
  • Meet with your resident advisor to begin planning how you will determine the focus of your graduate research, and the members of your advisory committee.  (If your resident advisor is not on the graduate faculty, you will need to identify an advisor who is on the graduate faculty to guide the research portion of your program)

Make sure you enroll for all required courses before the deadline each semester, and during the summer session.  Missing deadlines costs you money in late fees, can delay your receipt of your paycheck, and it makes extra work for you and Darlyne Llewellyn, the graduate coordinator assistant in LAM.  Communicate with Darlyne if you have any questions regarding courses you are required to enroll in for your residency.  Communicate with your advisor, your advisory committee, or Dr. Amelia Woolums (graduate coordinator in LAM) regarding courses you are required to enroll in to meet your MS or PhD requirements.

Meet with your advisory committee regularly.  Meeting at least once a year, and perhaps twice a year or whenever new developments in your program occur, is strongly encouraged.  Students in the College-Wide M S program are required to meet at least annually and to file paperwork with the Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Affairs confirming the meeting occurred.   The purpose of meeting with your advisory committee is to make sure you are progressing appropriately in collecting research data, having the data analyzed, and preparing manuscripts and your thesis. 

Double check deadlines for both your specialty  Board Certification program and the College of  Graduate studies at least twice a year!  You will be very busy with your clinic duty, and it is easy for time to pass more quickly than you expect, possibly leading to missed deadlines.  Missed deadlines can delay or derail your program, so it is critical that you develop a method of confirming and reminding yourself of important deadlines so they are not missed.

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