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Laboratory Animal Medicine Program

Service Activities

Our primary service role for the University of Georgia is extended through our responsibilities in the administration of the AAALAC-accredited University Research Animal Resources. In this role, our faculty veterinarians provide medical care for laboratory animals and oversee their proper housing and husbandry.

We support excellence in biomedical research and instruction by helping ensure the humane and appropriate use of laboratory animals. We have considerable input into oversight and regulatory affairs regarding the institutional use of animals through intensive work with the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), including the review of animal use proposals and inspecting the animal facilities and farms, and by providing consultation to faculty and staff on research animal care and use matters.

Our faculty veterinarians advise and train researchers and technicians on humane methods of animal experimentation, including appropriate surgical techniques, animal restraint, and use of anesthetics and analgesics. We manage and operate research animal facilities and participate in planning the construction and renovation of animal facilities Also, we serve as liaisons between the institution and regulatory and accrediting organizations.

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