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UGA has a new Visual Identity System

In September 2016, the University of Georgia introduced an updated logo design for UGA as well as a visual identity system to be used throughout UGA, including all affiliated colleges, departments, centers, etc. For more information about the refreshed logo, or on the new identity system and why it was created, click here.

The UGA Office for Marketing and Communications has asked that we continue to be good stewards of our resources and to use all existing printed materials prior to ordering any new material with the refreshed UGA (or UGA CVM) logo. If you are ordering updated business cards, letterhead, note pads, or related stationary items, the proper logo for your area of the College is on file with Bulldog Print + Design.

If you want UGA marks printed/embroidered on clothing or other items

If you are looking for a logo to be printed on a project poster, for use on a website, or to be printed on any clothing item or other item (like a coffee mug, pen, etc.), please contact the CVM's main PR office at Logo files are also available through the Educational Resources Unit as well as the Communications Office for the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

For clothing or other items (such as coffee mugs, pens, etc.) that are to be printed or embroidered with an official UGA identity mark, these items must be printed by a licensed vendor and the design must be approved by the CVM's PR office and also by the UGA Trademarks office.

Guidelines for using UGA marks and reproducing official colors

There are guidelines for using the UGA visual identity system, including information on the official logo configurations, color variations and file formats. These guidelines include minimum size requirements, embroidery requirements, and specific color requirements for use of the official Bulldog Red and Black that appear on our marks. UGA is asking all vendors to adhere to "The Red Pledge."

Click here to download the official guidelines.

If you have additional questions, please contact the CVM's main PR office at 706-583-5485 or